The complete guide to iron numbers onto your football jersey

Important note: The Iron process must be carried out on an Industrial/Professional Heat Press Machine.
Don’t use commonly used household Iron.

For good results: Soften a fabric or cloth with scrubbing alcohol and clean the area of the t-shirt where you plan to utilize the iron on (shirt print). Allow it to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow a greater bond to the garment.

a. Pre Warm your t-shirt or jersey. Do this by placing your jersey over the platen and positioning a Teflon piece on the area of the jersey that is likely to receive the heat exchange. Again, your specialized heat presser will have this Teflon piece.
Pre Heat for 10 seconds at 260-275 degrees.

b. Take out the paper backing from your T-Shirt Print iron on. The T-Shirt print shift is meant to stick to the clear
cover known as the transfer tape.

c. Place your number onto your football jersey. In your preferred locations.
You will be looking at your number through the crystal clear transfer tape.

d. Get the Teflon piece you applied to pre-heat at your football jersey and put it on top of the clear transfer tape.

e.Using Tough even pressure and a temperature of 275 degrees, press your image for 20-25 seconds.

f. Get rid of Teflon sheet. While still warm, slowly and gradually peel away the clear transfer tape from your graphic.

Appropriate washing of your football jerseys: Avoid using fabric softener in your wash or clothing dryer

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